Is Gov. Brown’s proposal for a public online community college a good idea? Some educators say no

A Brown-heralded online program at San Jose State was abruptly scrapped in 2013 after half the students failed to pass final exams. “What makes education really come alive for students is interaction with instructors and other students,” says Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers… “It’s a misnomer to think that people can’t get over to a college,” he says. “For those who can’t, colleges already offer online opportunities. To create a whole independent college that does just online courses seems counterproductive. I’m not opposed to online education, but schools already offer that stuff.” …But there’s general agreement that community colleges have been snail-slow in developing online courses. And Brown deserves credit for stepping in and trying to do it himself.

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by George Skelton, The Los Angeles Times.

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