Are governors ignoring law when appointing UC regents?

“In the selection of the regents,” says the California Constitution, “the governor shall consult an advisory committee” of 12 people… But six committee members reached by The Chronicle said they are never consulted in the selection of regents — only told shortly before the announcement that choices have been made… “When they (the governor and Senate) appoint millionaires to the regents, they shouldn’t be surprised that their appointees think like millionaires and approve high administrator salaries or $300 dinners. After all, that’s their world,” Stanton Glantz, a UCSF professor and president of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, told The Chronicle. “The same Constitution that granted UC autonomy created a process to find regents who look like the people of California the university serves,” he said. “The politicians need to follow it.”

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by Nanette Asimov, The San Francisco Chronicle.

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