Forget Linda Katehi’s salary. That’s not the real faculty pay outrage.

It’s easy to be outraged at Linda P.B. Katehi’s new salary. Having resigned amid high drama from her error-prone chancellorship at UC Davis, the tenured professor this fall will return to teaching – a single course per quarter at a substantial $318,200 a year… If Katehi’s CV weren’t so long, and if Acting Chancellor Ralph Hexter – succeeded Tuesday by Chancellor Gary May – hadn’t been constrained by her tenure and a requirement to adhere to an “academic process” in setting her return pay, we, too, might be furious at this week’s reports by The Bee’s Diana Lambert and Sam Stanton… Say what you will about her ability to manage a campus; Katehi is a star scholar, with membership in the exclusive National Academy of Engineering, a formidable body of research and 19 patents. The faculty would have revolted had her compensation been less than the department’s other two, male, NAE members.

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by The Editorial Board, The Sacramento Bee.

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