Critics say UC board is latest proof that Gov. Brown ignores the Valley

For the first time in decades, no one from the San Joaquin Valley is serving on the University of California’s 26-seat governing board – perpetuating local concerns that some of the state’s neediest areas are not well-represented. None of the 18 governor-appointed members on the UC Board of Regents are Valley residents, with most based in the greater Los Angeles area. The other regents are ex officio members, which include the governor himself and the state superintendent of schools, plus a student representative. Assemblyman Dr. Joaquin Arambula, D-Fresno, said the problem extends beyond the UC board. “I continue to be disappointed by the lack of Central Valley representation on state boards and commissions, including the UC Regents,” Arambula said in an email.

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by Mackenzie Mays, Modesto Bee.

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