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Great compliment to Boak Ferris' article “Why English Matters: What the Science Says.” Reblogged from Clayton Pierce's blog “Education in the Age of Biocapitalism.” Education in the Age of Biocapitalism Over the past 10 years especially, calls to increase Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM) output from our country's schools has been deafening. It is impossible to listen to almost any policy maker or CEO speaking on the topic of education reform in the U.S. who does not couch their entire analysis on the STEM worker shortage crisis the country is currently facing. Schools and universities in the U.S., if they (Read more...)
Sat, Mar 29, 2014
Source: Restructuring Public Higher Ed

The world and S.T.E.M. By popular demand, Boak Ferris' revised and expanded version (with footnotes and references) of “Why English Matters…” Why English Matters: WHAT THE SCIENCE SAYS — ON REPLACING STEM WITH M-METALS By Boak Ferris English matters, but only under one condition: if America wants successful professionals and teachers who can innovate ethical advancements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Otherwise, English doesn't matter; it doesn't matter at all. We can always watch TV, push buttons, and play media devices instead. Cart Before the Horse? Do not view this thesis as a gripe over the diminishment of English and related fields as worthy (Read more...)
Fri, Feb 28, 2014
Source: Restructuring Public Higher Ed

Massive public demonstrations in Phnom Penh, December 2013
Massive public demonstrations in Phnom Penh, December 2013 by Teri Yamada, CSU Long Beach “It seems logical: College graduates have lower unemployment and earn more than less educated workers, so, the thinking goes, the fix for today's anemic growth in jobs and wages is to make sure that more people earn college degrees. But that's a common misperception, deflecting attention from the serious work that has to be done to create jobs and improve incomes” (Making College Pay, NYTimes Op Ed, Feb. 12, 2014). I have been going to Cambodia during academic downtime to work on literacy issues since 1995; yet, this past (Read more...)
Sat, Feb 15, 2014
Source: Restructuring Public Higher Ed

STEM Why English Matters delineates the critical connections between cognitive development and language that form the basis of advanced problem solving skills for STEM—or basically for sound human judgment in daily life. Special thanks to colleague Boak Ferris who penned this essay for Restructuring Public Hi Ed. A longer version with references is available by emailing boak.ferris@csulb.edu. Other opinions are most welcome. Teri Yamada in Phnom Penh. Updated, 07.01.14 Prof. Arthur L. Caplan's op ed in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (Jan.7, 2014) “Distinguishing Science from Nonsense” gets to the cultural problem. He comments: Some (Read more...)
Fri, Jan 03, 2014
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by Teri Yamada I want to talk to you today about narratives of the education apocalypse, about eschatology and mythology and MOOCs and millennialism, and I do so not just as a keen observer of education technology but as someone trained as a folklorist. As much as being an ed-tech writer compels me to pay attention to the latest products and policies and venture capital investment, I am fascinated by the stories we tell about all of this. I am fascinated by what I see as some of the dominant end-times myths of the business world, of the tech industry. I (Read more...)
Sun, Dec 01, 2013
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Prof. Jeff Kolnick: Reporting from Minnesota “The Achievement Gap Cannot Be Resolved by Isolating It” All of us wish Mayor R.T. Rybak the best as he prepares to begin his new job tackling Minnesota's achievement gap, by some measures the worst in the nation. According to the Star Tribune, “Federal data indicate that Minnesota has one of the largest education achievement disparities in the nation. Most recently the state ranked dead last in four-year graduation rates for Latino and American Indian students, second to last for African-American students, and near the bottom for low-income students overall.” We often talk about the “achievement gap” as (Read more...)
Sun, Nov 17, 2013
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Digital storytelling project from CHLS 498, CSU Long Beach. Reflects history and social significance of the discipline. (Read more...)
Fri, Nov 08, 2013
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Prof. Tim Xie testifies to CSU Board of Trustees on November 6, 2013 about failed restructuring. “I Quit Lit” and the new “Departure Eulogy” Professor Xie resigns to protect adjunct faculty by Teri Shaffer Yamada Recently, some slightly satiric joking about a new academic subgenre— “I Quit Lit”— has appeared in the columns of Slate, the Chronicle of Higher Education and elsewhere in the blogosphere. Actually Zachary Ernst's “Why I Jumped Off the Ivory Tower” (Oct. 20, 2013) deserves careful consideration. (1) A fine and thoughtful writer, Ernst's dismay at leaving his philosophy position is visceral; but his love (Read more...)
Thu, Nov 07, 2013
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“L.A. Times” reporter, Carla Rivera, interviewing students in ASAM 120, at CSU Long Beach (Oct. 17, 2013). Has the CSU Forgotten Its Mission? The Decline of Ethnic Studies in California by Teri Shaffer Yamada, CSU Long Beach ” The mission of the California State University is: To advance and extend knowledge, learning, and culture, especially throughout California. To prepare students for an international, multi-cultural society….” In fall 2013, CSU faculty returned to campuses looking forward to a better year given their efforts to pass Prop 30 with its promise of stable budgets for the near future. (Read more...)
Sun, Oct 20, 2013
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Chancellor Timothy White at CSU Long Beach, Monday, October 14. 2013 On a warm Monday afternoon in a packed Anatol Center at CSU Long Beach, newly recruited Chancellor of the CSU's 23-campus system, Timothy White, easily charmed the audience of several hundred faculty, staff and students. The cleverly humorous Chancellor spoke of his enduring optimism in the mission of the CSU, California's Master Plan, and the unique quality and success of CSU Long Beach in spite of six tight budget years. Fielding some tough questions with the grace of a seasoned diplomatic, his answers were compassionate and (Read more...)
Wed, Oct 16, 2013
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